Pier Windows

All events are free of charge.

October 29

4 PM Installation Opens

8 PM Ghosts and Wanderers

This multi-media musical theatre work focuses on sharing the music of traveling blind singers through singing, dance and acting. This performance draws its inspiration and primary focus from Hong Kong,naamyam(南音)—a song genre popular in Hong Kong in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s that was performed by blind singers at local bars and brothels—and builds connections to Indian experimental and jazz music as well as to Blind Willie Johnson, Doc Watson, and other blues players from the American South. This intercultural performance honors various musical traditions, builds bridge across the arts forms, and shares the music and stories so that they can reach a diverse audience.


October 30

4 PM Installation Opens

6 PM: Ghosts and the Marvelous

This performance—with dance, acting, and singing—focuses on the relationship between the small and the gigantic tales of ghosts and the marvelous. Inspiration is drawn from selected stories from The Odyssey,Journey to the West,Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio,and KalingathupParani.

8 PM Simultaneous Performances

Autumn Winds

Window as lens, memory as wind. The determination of past. A collaboration between artists from Hong Kong, India, and the United States: one dancer and twomusicians. 

Writing Windows 1

This dance acts as a form of writing in space. The dancers appear and disappear across Kwun Tong Pier. Dancing that forms and un-forms in and across the pier, particularly in relation to the walls and windows of the pier. The dancers offer their own stories of where they come from and where they hope to go as a way of reinvigorating the spaces of the Pier, bringing past and future together in the present. At the end of the performance, the audience will be invited to join the dancers in a final gesture of returning memories back to the Pier spaces and dancing out toward our futures.


October 31

4 PM Installation Opens

6 PM Autumn Moon

History as movement, window as letter.The investigation of the cityscape.A collaboration between artists from all three countries: A dancer and two musicians. 

7 PM Ghosts and Water

The performance blends Indian classical dance and modern dance to suggest the power of water as the place of passage, that which reflects, and that which gives life. Along with personal stories, cultural stories are drawn from The Odyssey, Journey to the West, Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio, and KalingathupParani.

8 PM Writing Windows 2

Part one of this work considers the implications of untying a knot of history so that our histories can wrap themselves in new ways around us, hold us, and, perhaps, free us.  The following sections focus on the use of portable windows throughout the space in order to explore the importance of perspective in terms of how we understand each other. The work ends with the telling of some of Hong Kong’s three histories—Chinese, American and South Asian—through traditional and classical dance forms, singing, acting, and nonverbal theatre while using projections of images and film clips of archival material across the Pier walls.

November 1

10 AM: Installation Opens

1 PM: Traveling Stories

Community Performance: YMCA of HK (CSW Centre)

3 PM: Community Performance: TBA

8 PM: Writing Windows 3 + Autumn Years

Writing Windows 3 explores the questions of touch, wrapping, andunwrapping histories, how the spectres of personal and collective lives hover amongst us, and ways to dream toward new relationships ghosts, water and the marvelous. 

Autumn Anthology

10 interconnected musical variations of the naamyam classic, "Wanderer's Autumn Lament (客途秋恨)" by Chin King (zheng), Nadim Abbas (guitar, percussion) and Steve Hui (vocal, electronics).

November 2

10 AM: Installation Opens

11AM: Writing Windows 4

Dancers and musicians explore traditions and innovations in drumming. As they move through Pier, they invoke images of water, land, and the in-between.

1 PM: Story Cloth in Performance: Community Performance/Showing: HKADA

3 PM: Interactive Pier Event for All-Artists and Audience

More Details Forthcoming

6 PM: Project Closes