We Carry the Water, May 23, 2014, 8 PM,We Are Water: Kinship of the Rivers, Curated by Wang Ping, Soap Factory, Minneapolis, MN.

Drawing from a set of contemporary site-specific film clips, narratives, and other water related research from Hong Kong, China, and Cochin, India, this devised mixed media performance piece explores the possibility of an aesthetic of care within, across, and beyond, specific geographies.
The exploration of history, water, and architecture in the context of dancing is a gesture toward asking how tuning into the moving body can help us yield new insight about the role of the arts in relation to water as we project toward the future. What “new body” must we dance from and within in order to re-educate our senses and re-enchant our relationship to the built and natural environment, especially given the escalating array of complicated and urgent issues emerging around water?

Performers: Diana V. Garcia-Snyder, Jessica Landry, Belle Wolf


Water Theatres, May 25, 2014, 2 PM,  We Are Water: Kinship of the Rivers, Curated by Wang Ping, Soap Factory, Minneapolis, MN.

This project is a devised theatre piece that draws from Shakespeare’s Tempest, the story of Ganga in the Mahabharata, and Ota Shogo’s The Water Station in order to investigate relationships between water, journeys, home, and the emergence of a different configuration of relationships. As a structural device, we will invoke windows as both an imaginary threshold and a physical manifestation of the framesand boundaries of perception as we encounter both magic turbulences anddesiccated droughts as they circulate across multiple geographies. This work, then,is a conjuring of bodies caught in the histories and cross-currents of repeated, but
unfinished, theatres of water.

Performers: Diana V. Garcia-Snyder, Deborah Jacoby, Jessica Landry, Belle Wolf 

For more on We Are Water Exhibit, please see: http://www.soapfactory.org/exhibit.phpcontent_id=661